Tuesday, December 13, 2011

SafeAssign Update

Blackboard Managed Hosting has provided updated information regarding SafeAssign paper processing:

"SafeAssign is experiencing regular delays due to high load on the system. Given projections from historical usage, the significant delays of 12-24 hours or more will continue through the first week of December and then rapidly ease off in mid-December as the semester closes. Clients should expect that they will not see any significant improvement in turnaround times before mid-December.

As a reminder to instructors, please do not resubmit papers. This takes the submission and moves it to the back of the queue. Right now, the back log is over 120,000 papers."

Contact the Technical Support Center if you have any other questions regarding Blackboard or SafeAssign by phone at: 970-351-4357 or e-mail at help@unco.edu.

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